To Our Fellow Ale Trail Trekkers,

It is with heavy heart that we craft this letter, announcing that the Peach State Ale Trail is going on hiatus for the indefinite future.  While we will continue to support craft brewers in the state of Georgia, we unfortunately cannot continue to operate the Ale Trail in its current form.

We have loved every minute of getting to know the Peach State’s craft beer fans, hearing your stories, and helping you discover the latest and the greatest brews that Georgia has to offer.  In fact, if you’ve enjoyed traveling the Ale Trail even half as much as we’ve enjoyed building it, well, then, we’ve had twice as much fun building it as you’ve had traveling it.

Please continue to enjoy the content that we will leave online here at – our self-guided tours, our directory of breweries and brewpubs, and the year’s worth of great content we’ve posted on the Georgia Beer Buzz.  And if you see one of us at your local growler shop, tasting tour, or craft-beer festival, please take a moment to say hello.

We hope that craft beer continues to grow in Georgia, that new breweries continue to open their doors to a thirsty public, and that the regulatory and legislative environment continues to improve so that one day brewers from around the country will learn what we’ve known for years – that the Peach State is the best state in America for making delicious concoctions of malt and hops and yeast.

Keep uncapping those bottles, keep exploring new brews, and keep craft beer alive.  We’ll see you out on the Trail!


Chris, Josh, Jonathan and Lee

The Peach State Ale Trail Founders

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